Cover Photo of Ten Twisty Tales by Teresa Bassett

A split-second decision. A life changed forever.

Decisions may be made in the blink of an eye, but their consequences can last a lifetime. If you enjoy stories with tricky dilemmas at their heart, you’ll love these twisty tales all about ordinary people and their choices: sometimes good, sometimes bad … and sometimes deadly.

A law-abiding student’s life unravels after her boyfriend begs for help in plotting revenge.

A loving daughter is thrilled when her dad takes her and her brother on an unexpected day out. So why is there a gun in the glovebox?

A lonely fifteen-year-old can’t believe her luck when a popular highflier seeks her out. The new friend exudes confidence and charm, but what lies beneath that perfect exterior?

Discover these gripping stories and more in Ten Twisty Tales: Suspense Stories for Young Adults, by prize-winning author Teresa Bassett. Grab your copy now.

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