The Mystery of Acorn Academy

A gripping suspense adventure for young adults, with twists and turns and a nail-biting finale.

Her best friend has vanished. Her only ally is her friend’s aloof brother. Can they solve a deadly mystery, before they become the next victims?

Cover of The Mystery of Acorn Academy

Fourteen-year-old Holly Champion is devastated when, following a traumatic incident, her father sends her away to an exclusive school in Cornwall. Acorn Academy, a magnificent clifftop mansion, looks stunning, but why are the students so docile and obedient? Why does the principal seem to dislike Holly so much? And what happened to the mysterious Lydia, who occupied Holly’s room before her?

When her new friend Jess vanishes without trace, Holly’s only ally is Jess’s aloof brother Adam. Together they must risk their lives in a terrifying struggle, racing against the clock to expose a shocking plot.

What readers are saying:

***** A Cornish Cracker.
***** Easy to read, gripping to the end.
***** Intriguing, exciting, mysterious.
***** What a wonderful book! I loved it from start to finish. It reminded me of all the mystery adventure books I read and loved as a child, but with its own unique style and storyline.
***** A great little easy-to-read mystery/suspense book that was creepy – in a good way that adds to the whole mystery vibe of the story.
***** Great story, great writing, and great characters.

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The Time Crystals

A secret time portal. A desperate cry for help. Can a young girl change her future and save the world from a terrible fate?

“Thrilling time-travel page-turner”—Publishers Weekly

Cover of The Time Crystals

All Clara wants is to fit in and make friends at her new school, but when she discovers a time portal within an overgrown mine shaft, her life is turned upside-down.

Following an urgent cry for help from the future, she is charged with a crucial mission: stop the evil Derek Maunding from obtaining the mine’s secrets. If she fails, it spells disaster for the world.

Moving between present and future, Clara and her new friends race against the clock to rescue the mine and safeguard its hidden time portal. Putting their lives—and their futures—at risk, they must battle dangerous enemies, including Maunding’s bullying daughters, who will stop at nothing to help their father achieve his aims.

The fate of the world rests on Clara’s shoulders. She must outwit those who seek to control time—even if she pays with her life.

The Time Crystals is a gripping time travel adventure with twists and turns and a thrilling finale, perfect for fans of Harry Potter, A Wrinkle in Time and His Dark Materials. Winner of The Next Novelist 2013, shortlisted Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2013.

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Flight of the Bluebird

The holiday of a lifetime? Or a deadly trap?

Cover of Flight of the Bluebird

Twelve-year-old Clara can finally breathe easy. After the time travel adventure that nearly claimed her life, she’s thrilled to spend time as an ordinary schoolgirl. But when a mysterious benefactor awards a prize to her school for ten lucky recipients, everyone hopes to win the trip to the world-famous theme park—except Clara.

Sensing things other kids don’t, Clara’s instincts scream danger! But despite her warnings, her friends refuse to listen. And as she digs into a disappearance from a hundred years before, she’s certain something awful is afoot.

Can Clara uncover the truth before she and her schoolmates meet a terrifying fate?

Flight of the Bluebird is the second book in The Time Crystals series, but can also be read as a standalone. Perfect for fans of Harry PotterA Wrinkle in Time and His Dark Materials.

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Tell And You Die

Don’t miss this page-turning mystery thriller set in Cornwall.

Cover of suspense novel Tell And You Die

Her brother died in suspicious circumstances. Was her sister involved?

After tragic events tear sixteen-year-old Rose’s life apart, she’s just as keen as her family to make a fresh start in the village where her father grew up. She hopes the move will bring her closer to her older sister, Lily, with whom her relationship has always been difficult. But then a mysterious man from Lily’s past enters their lives, and Rose realises the nightmare has only just begun.

When disaster strikes for the second time, Rose finds herself in a dark, dangerous place, where she must question everything she thought she knew. But someone is watching her every move. How far will they go to keep their secrets hidden?

What readers are saying:

***** This is an amazingly atmospheric mystery set in the English countryside … You will definitely get sucked into the mystery and there are some twists you will not see coming!

***** One of the best books I’ve read so far this year. From start to finish, this captivating novel had me completely engrossed. I was behind the brave and likeable Rose all the way.

 ***** Brilliant read. Even though this book is for young adults, being of the older generation l thoroughly enjoyed it.

Quote from mystery novel Tell And You Die

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