The Time Crystals

The Time Crystals is to be published by Books to Treasure ( in February 2020.

How would you feel if the fate of the world rested in your hands? Twelve-year-old schoolgirl Clara Callenick knows only too well. Her life is turned upside-down when her grandmother agrees to sell the Callenicks' land, a former tin mine in Cornwall, UK, where the family has lived for generations. But losing her home is only the start of Clara's problems. Within the disused tunnels, she discovers a time portal.

Before being published, 'The Time Crystals' reached the final five Young Adult titles in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award. My manuscript went on to win international writing contest The Next Novelist. In its independent review (awarded to Amazon’s shortlisted novels), Publishers Weekly described 'The Time Crystals' as 'a thrilling time travel page-turner... What ensues is a series of hair-raising, edge-of-your-seat events culminating in a delightful story that packs a powerful values punch relevant to both young and not-so-young adults'.
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Review by Richard Hardie, writer of the ingenious Temporal Detective Agency books:
'Although it's not published yet, I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of a wonderful new book called The Time Crystals by Teresa Bassett. I can't therefore tell everyone to go out and buy the book right now, but in a few months' time hopefully I'll be able to do just that and be first in line to buy a signed copy!
Teresa's main character (Clara) has three goals at different stages of the book. She has to cope with being bullied by the daughters (Donna and Gail) of the richest man in the area (Derek Maunding). She then has to try to stop him buying her family's land, including their disused tin mine, especially when she finds that if she doesn't stop his plans the future of the world is grim to say the least. Clara is helped by her three friends Hayley, Mick and Rob as they travel to the near future and find a world poisoned and dying and a small group of people who know only too well that their only hope of averting a world-wide disaster lies with the four children.
The Time Crystals is an excellent adventure for Young Adults of all ages. The story is based in modern-day Cornwall and that comes over very strongly, both in the characters and the overall background. The four children are full of individual personality and their actions are completely true to life, while the villain is silky smooth
The plot is full of unexpected twists and turns and though the story ends the way you want it to, the route is far from straightforward and each chapter adds something new to the main and sub-plots.
This is Teresa Bassett's first novel and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. I'm certain it won't be long before we see it available for sale, and her as prolific author.’

Further praise for 'The Time Crystals'
'I loved this book. One of the best I have read in a long time. One everyone would like to read. Who doesn't love a good adventure with a character like Clara?'- Amazon expert reviewer