I was born on top of a Cornish tin mine, in the far south-west of the UK. A magical county with a rich heritage, Cornwall continues to inspire my work.

Years spent outside the county have been dominated by the letter B. There was Bath, studying for my degree in German and Italian... Berlin, singing in rock bands... Finally, Birmingham, where in between enjoying curries and real ale I spent a decade writing articles, interviews and stories for all kinds of magazines, largely in the music and environmental press.

Unable to stay away, I returned to Cornwall's 'clay country' and joined educational charity The Eden Project ( where among other things I was features writer and assistant editor for their Friends magazine.

I have been writing since childhood. I still have stories I wrote at primary school, broken into chapters, with lurid titles such as Nightmare Hill and Terror Island. I have a long-abandoned trio of first drafts which would be of more interest to the inhabitants of my wormery than to the average publisher - but they did teach me an enormous amount about the craft of writing books.

A few years ago, the idea for a novel drifted into my mind like a seed from outer space. It grew faster than a GM salmon, squeezing itself into every corner of my life. Friends were ignored, housework mounted up, my husband rolled his eyes a lot. The result is The Time Crystals, a story about ordinary kids who are drawn into an extraordinary adventure.

‘The Time Crystals’ reached the final five in the Young Adult fiction category of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, a contest which attracted 10,000 entries. It is to be published by Books to Treasure ( in February 2020.

When not writing, I love to work in the garden or go walking and foraging in the Cornish landscape. For the past two years I have been helping to build my own house, which has involved crash courses in new skills such as slating roofs, fitting insulation and laying flooring. As those who know me will attest, I’m not the most practical of people, but it’s been a fascinating challenge!